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About Shawanna

As the founder of The Womanpreneur Within, self-made entrepreneur and Life Coach, Shawanna Harris taps into her experiences and educational background to help women like herself who have the potential to harness their God-given talents and purpose in every area of their lives through self-love, personal development, and motivation.

Shawanna has a passion for guiding and helping women and is naturally drawn to influencing others through compassion and understanding. Choosing to be a stay at home mom for the past ten years, with the support of her husband, she often wondered if there was more to her life and her purpose. A few years ago, Shawanna began to take constant note of how her family and friends would always talk to her about their relationships, financial circumstances, business endeavors and self-image.

Though she was pursuing her cosmetology diploma, in the back of her mind, it just wasn’t right for her. As time went on, she continued to focus on other avenues instead of what she knew she was divinely called to do. Shawanna followed her husband’s lead in different business endeavors until she found her true calling.

Now a certified Life Coach through ExpertRating an (ISO 9001-2008) accredited agency and a student, currently studying for her B.S in Psychology with the dreams of becoming a professional therapist through further education and clinical supervision. Shawanna knows she is walking in her divine right and purpose. She hopes to open her practice focusing on children, families, and mental illness. Currently, Shawanna helps run and lead a non-profit organization entitled: West Georgia Relations and Investment Group, where she invests her time and resources into her community. Monthly, her and others go to local high schools and implement their knowledge through a mentor-ship program for teens. Shawanna is also a part-time insurance agent, pursuing writer, and continues her life coaching skills through various certifications.

Her hopes are that The Womanpreneur Within will be a place where women can learn, connect, and discover their real purpose. Her future hopes are that The Womanpreneur Within will be a place where women can learn, connect, grow and discover their real purpose. In the meantime, through her blog, she shares with women how to connect with their authentic self, live out their truth and grow through the power of entrepreneurialism!





Meet my sweet family, 

Here’s my husband Vachard who is a real estate investor, bodybuilder, aspiring model and business owner.

Next is my lovely daughter Malaysha. She is an aspiring actor as well.  Last of the Harris crew is my two sweet boys; Chris and Vayden. They both love playing football, Roblox, and video games.

As a family we enjoy hiking, vacations, eating out, playing Uno and going to the movies…. oh, and the boys LOVE the pool!